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Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Photo by Jay Yoo

It’s not so much that you had nothing as that you were



To bring about the greatness of your heart

So much so true

In so little time

Whether by will or blindness

Unable to share


Then so much do the questions emerge:

'Is greatness not in actions

More than it is in possibility?'


This world speaks 'yes'

This world which has laid so many

Who could not defend themselves

To rest

After peaceless slaughter

To be unknown and unloved

In an empty void that places some above others

That is our history

And history of ‘the strong’

As this world says

But I know a boy

Who this world would kill and leave behind

To be unloved


Or be chucked in a cage

For people to view

Or put in a home

Grouped with many

And given the bare minimum

To merely be kept alive

At best

And terribly mistreated

At worst

And this boy instead

Had a decent life

With a family

At whatever cost he was to them

Paid full in love

And for this boy was an exception made

Against the rule

As he was perceived

Moment by moment

Day by day

The way his eye looked about a room

And seemed to see secrets no one else could know

The slow touch of his crumpled soft fingers on your face

As he looked for your ears

The hums of his joy splashing in water

Every time for the first time

The holding so tight of his arms as he was sung to sleep

That pealing off his arm was a challenge afterwards

These and so many more perceptions

Which could have never been where love did not exist

Have been imbued with the spirit of such greatness

That this theory of the strong must indeed be false

That such a little person has been gifted to my life

Gives me pause as I become entangled by these values

Of the ‘ables’ and the ‘stars’ and the ‘beautiful’

And I thank everything that his little hand has touched me

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