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A 'retro-futuristic earworm [...] which puts a neo twist on baroque [with] old-school crooning alongside cold Post Punk tones' (Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory Review)

'I was truly blown away by [So Well], it was perfect for a Halloween release [...] but don’t earmark this as just a spooky tune, because

it’s truly an incredible piece of music overall' 

(Tom Neil, Off The Record)


Lucas Penner is a genre-bending alternative musician based in Penticton, BC. Lucas’ songs range from folk break up ballads like “Honey Baby”, acoustic-rap jams like “Jewels of the Dead” and Frank Zappa/Tom Waits inspired gothic rock screamers like “So Well”. Lucas has performed all over Canada and released three singles in 2022, the “Honey Baby” in 2020 and “Passerby EP” in 2012. He has worked with producers like Alex Purcell in Toronto (Claire Hunter, Brian Corbett, Päter) and Jesse Gander in Vancouver (Pack AD, Japandroids). Currently recording new material and improving his social media presence, Lucas is set to release a completely new project in 2023 and is booked to perform at the prestigious Dream Cafe in Penticton on December second alongside Loon Town. 


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